The following are the most common items affecting access, although any site may have unique features. If in doubt, please ask. Many issues can be overcome with proper planning. In most instances, the delivery truck will need to pull directly alongside the cabin location.

Please take into consideration the roads approaching the site as well as the site itself.


  • Heavy goods vehicle or weight restriction
  • Narrow lanes or gates
  • Sharp bends in road or on site
  • Low clearance under bridges or other structures
  • Overhanging trees and foliage
  • Overhead power lines or another cabling
  • Overhead signs
  • Arched gates
  • Soft surfaces
  • Security clearances
  • Site safety restrictions
  • Inside delivery

If there is any question at all regarding access, please advise us before you hire a unit. Delivery charges may still apply if delivery is attempted but called off due to an undisclosed access restriction.