Architects objectives change when various demands affect what is required in the building industry. Clients’ requests, as well as political and economic situation, affect architectural aims. As architectural aims change, solutions also change.

In recent years there has been raise in ecological, sustainable building demands, as a response to global ecological problems.

At KC Cabins Solutions we believe in prefabricated buildings being one of the best solutions to many of the current issues. We also actively search for new innovative resolutions in the field.

Mixing various science and engineering fields is an exciting avenue in architecture. Sustainable architectural ideas could be seen as a response to some of the pressing demands of today and therefore could be seen as an architecture of the future.

An extraordinary example of sustainable architecture has been erected by Stefano Boeri Architetti studio in Milan. Milan project had been called Vertical Forest and comprises of greenery combined with architecture. Similar solutions to the one used in Milan are now planned to be used when erecting another structure as part of Tirana Master Plan. Tirana Master Plan is a larger project located in Tirana, Albania. As part of this project, Stefano Boeri Architetti studio designed a residential tower building with the use of combining fields of botany and architecture. This botanical architecture will comprise of hundreds of shrubs and trees. Full of glass architectural shape will appear as a futuristic blend of forest and architecture, a futuristic tree. The idea behind the project is the city’s reforestation. The types of plants and their positioning, consideration regarding plants irrigation and the amount of light have all been carefully analyzed and calculated.

Seeing more buildings such as this one could change our view of large cities. Cities could transform into sustainable architectural zones with less impact on worldwide ecology. Architects actively research new solutions and new ideas. Therefore, sustainable architecture could be the architecture of the future.