When our clients inquire regarding modules connection, our accompanying questions involve building dimensions and the floor plan. Even though clients usually have a general idea in regards to the floor plan as well as building size, the conversation around those subjects often clarifies practicality and costs of those decisions. This determines how the connection of the modules will be performed; across the building width, its lengths, or both. After we initially give advice, decisions on some changes may be done in regards to the building shape and related subjects.

We would like to show modules connection in pictures and in addition, we will accompany with some explanation. The building you can see in the photographs here is one of our realizations in the UK, made to be used as a laboratory.

In order to provide the highest possible standard, as a building provider, we have been gathering experience through a number of years. When assembling a building, the steel construction is connected together with the use of building joints. We use construction screws to attach the wall panels to the structure. The assemble areas are strengthened with the use of specialist sealants. This is particularly important in the case of a roof. In order to prevent problems related to the weather conditions, particularly moisture, we add additional protection to the roof, a membrane.

The most crucial part of the process is the expertise in regards to the technical solutions as well as knowledge of finishing methods. Connection areas are often concealed with the use of decorative panels. After we connect modules together, our clients are pleasantly surprised with the building aesthetics. 

We have been developing our designs and finishes by listening to our clients’ requirements and expectations along the way. It is our priority to make sure we keep up to date with any new technological solutions. The moment of building handover is the best moment of the process. It is when all the hard work can be physically seen in the form of a finished building.