Our buildings are designed to be used however you want them to be used. We already designed modular buildings for a go-karting lodge, laboratory, dog grooming, ice cream café, dry cleaning services, beauty studio and many more. We also designed modular buildings for use as a garage.

Garage, as a structure, may seem a lot less exciting in comparison to other types of modular buildings. In reality though, a garage can also be seen as a huge improvement in our daily lives and improvements on our daily reality tend to have a huge impact in the long run. A huge positive impact.

When we think of more complicated garage types, we can think of car repair services for instance. As a structure, those type of garages will definitely be a lot larger and more complicated, hence exciting. Car repair garage will need to have a lot of space, designated areas for office and car repair workshop as well as storage space and potentially a lot more. The building is designed for you; therefore, you are the decisive voice on the space needed and satisfactory design. This type of structure will definitely be an exciting endeavor to undertake.

But let us go back. Let’s not forget our daily lives and think of an ordinary garage design. Imagine having a nice space for a car. Remember, a garage needs to fit in more than just our car, let us imagine nice, large enough garage to comfortably get in and out of the car once we’re there. Now give it more space, maybe some storage space for tools and spare tires? And a little bit more, for a road bike or two? Anything else you want to keep in that garage instead of keeping it in your house or in that old shed which takes up space in the garden? Maybe space for a lawnmower or a motorbike? Now imagine a nice contemporary design and maybe a small window with some natural light coming through? There it is, the exciting upgrade on our everyday lives. Now, that’s exciting.