Interior design is one of the subjects we keep coming back to, because it influences portable offices in a positive way, therefore today, we are undertaking the subject of interior design once again. The number of clients attracted by the offer of a particular business raises if the business is a whole package. The clients will also then be more likely to come back. By the whole package, we mean not only the products or services sold by the business, but also the level of customer service, the branding and the overall look and feel of the company. The overall look is defined by all those elements, and this includes interior design too.

Let’s look into the water features as an optional addition to the interior design of an office. A water feature is a very broad word, it could be anything from a fountain to a swimming pool and anything in between. In terms of visual attraction and adding elegance, water features are often used in leisure business types such as spa or hotels. Offices can also have a water feature fitted in successfully and it may turn out to be the statement piece and something clients will remember. Something that adds to the overall look of the company as a whole. With office-based businesses, water wall features are particularly popular and these are those we like the most as well. A sophisticated water wall by your main entrance either inside the office or outside, as a statement piece, is something that will add elegance and make customers feel more welcome.

Other than elegance a water feature adds something else, peacefulness. This doesn’t mean, of course, that such a feature cannot be placed in a busy waiting area. On the contrary. It means that sitting next to water calms our senses and is therefore welcome in a busy area. When we look at water and when we hear water the focus of our mind changes. We are suddenly taken out of our busy lifestyle, whatever we were doing, and placed into a world of steady information. One sound, one colour. Not much processing in our brain needed, no strain onto our senses. This gives us some peace, a break from the busy environment. Water is constant, it performs repetitive sound and has a repetitive look, even when it flows. It is widely recognized that water has a soothing effect on our senses, for the reasons explained above, and for those reasons, water is often the focus of leisure venues.

In our daily lives, our senses are over-stimulated constantly, by multiple tasks we do, by not resting for one moment from screen use, switching from computer screen to mobile phone screen, going from one app to another and performing other tasks in the meantime. This makes us tired. Just thinking about water, its colour and its sound, change the focus. Being next to water multiplies this. It stops the overload of information. One of the greatest calming effects on us has the sea or ocean. And yet we don’t always have to sit by the ocean to feel the soothing effects of water on us. A water wall feature in the office can create those effects too. Therefore having such a feature next to us is something really worth considering.