As per government rules, everyone who can, is working from home now. Many companies and their employees are therefore forced to balance their work lives together with their private lives, or whatever is left of their work and private lives. All within the same four walls. That is what we do as well.

Portable buildings may or may not be on your mind set at the moment, therefore today, we decided to focus on life within the four walls as well as on the potential changes we could implement to help ourselves with day to day while we are being held back from our normal lives. The feeling of being held back can be very uneasy on its own. And as we are hoping for all this to be over ASAP, we may be asking ourselves how to ease this waiting. And the only reasonable answer to this will probably be, ‘by doing other things and occupying our thoughts with different matters’. This, of course, isn’t easily done. After all, we are not used to being stuck at home and held back all this time. It will therefore feel very strange trying to stay occupied by doing other things, as we might simply want to just go out and see the outside world. Occupying ourselves while at home will feel forced. Hopefully though, after trying different things, as the time passes, all this will eventually become easier and sooner than we expect we will be struggling again trying to get back to normal and adjust back to our, as we may then think, long gone normal lives.

For now, as we go on, trying to focus on other matters, most likely, many of us will end up browsing through the cloud and focusing far too much of our attention on what is going on in the outside world. The more we do it, the more difficult our stay at home may become. Regarding the subject we are trying to change our focus from, the idea is not to forget about it but to ease ourselves into staying at home with lower degree of anxiety believing that we can wait patiently as this time slowly passes.

Considering what might be a good attention changer we could try and answer simple questions regarding our surroundings. What do we have around us? Do we have a quite house where we are on our own and we are feeling lonely? Or, do we have far too many people around us, all stuck in the same four walls and nowhere to escape from one another? Can we try and find ourselves an activity that feels opposite to what we have around us? It may not be easy but it may be doable. So, for instance, if our house is too lively, can we find ourselves a quiet corner once in a while and read, or drink tea looking through the window observing birds playing outside, or other activity that makes us slow down? While, if we are feeling lonely, maybe we can call someone, or watch an exciting movie and so on. It might seem simple and a pretty much common sense to do all that. At the same time though, how many of us finds ourselves ignoring our common sense and ending up feeling unhappy? For the time being this what we have is our alternative to life and it might as well turn out to be not as bad as we originally thought. If we only push ourselves to some positive changes.

We will probably need to figure out more than one solution on updating our daily patterns in order to break through the feeling of being held back and trapped. As we go on, this time we have may turn out to be a good time for reflection. We might also like some of the changes we will put in place. And our feeling of being held back will slowly disappear while our day to day may become more appreciative and respectful of life than it has ever been before.