Many businesses that struggled with the loss of profits during lockdown have been awaiting reopening with anticipation. In order to try and reduce the impact, we are all working towards new normality. It isn’t easy as the rules have been changing on a daily basis. Although it has been a while now since we all started adjusting and in time it may become easier.

Part of the new normal is adjusting the working area to social distancing rules, for both, the staff and the clients. It could be seen as one of the most demanding modifications to undertake in order to adjust to the new regulations. Because of that, outdoors have been increasingly used as a serving area and additional queueing space by most business owners. 

The time goes on, September starts, and once again, we are realizing how quickly our reality is changing over and over. Greater chances of rain and dropping temperatures are already affecting the use of outdoor spaces. In time, the effect will be greater. Not many clients will be willing to wait in the rain to be served or to sit outside with the cool weather creeping in. While considering different options to update the working area once more, you could take into account the use of canopy.

Canopy of different size and shape can be used in most buildings. Our modular buildings could have a canopy designed to fit your needs right from the start. During initial conversation, before we start drawings you can tell us all about your idea for canopy for you. The important factor to decide is the main use of canopy? Is it to guard your clients queueing outside in the rain? Is it to guard them against weather elements while they sit outside? Or is there any other activity that needs to be taken into consideration? The use of a canopy can create an outdoor area guarded against rain and it will also reduce cold. An area such as this could become an outdoor room. After all many clients feel uneasy to enter indoor areas, therefore, an outdoor space, no matter how small, may additionally enhance the number of clients using your services.

Additionally, if wish you could invest a little more into the décor of your outdoor area covered by a canopy and include flowers, good lighting, signage, and/or complementing furniture. A canopy will then become an inviting element bringing more clients in. It is a great investment for years to come.