The modular building design is a fluid process, interweaving tightly logic and imagination. For our vision to be fed continually by these two strands we are required to constantly challenge one with another.

Imagination is being challenged with logic in order to check the practicality and viability of the design.

Similarly, logic is being challenged with imagination in order to inspect if there are any additional improvements to be made, improvements involving even more creativity.

At KC Cabins Solutions we continually look for inspirational ideas that are reality checked in order to keep producing new exciting modular building designs. Imagination can take you anywhere while reality check will examine the project’s feasibility.

When we start, we investigate the client’s ideas and objectives. An idea is being explored further while looking at different design options. Practical decisions are challenged with imagination in order to investigate what can be improved even further. A successful design is a process that is being fed not only by our logic and imagination by also our clients.

We do all that is in our power to strive towards imaginative solutions. All this to strive towards improving our designs. To keep them fresh and innovative. To progress and inspire for years to come.