Discussing shipping containers used as accommodation have been mentioned a few months ago on our blog. As a portable building provider, we have recently added a shipping container’s architecture to our offer and we are coming back to this subject again today.

There is a continuous number of design options to produce when working with a shipping container structure as a starting point. After all, for many, shipping containers have already proved to be an exciting venture in architecture.

Thinking of building design, in general, is in fact dependent on how far one’s imagination can go. The easiest way to compare the portable building’s architecture and shipping container’s architecture is by comparing the starting point. Having to start with an existing form as opposed to creating a form from scratch will be a very different experience. 

The shipping container’s pre-existing structure could feel easier to visualize and plan. The floor plan can be laid out as required with room arrangements customized to the client’s needs. The interior design of such a structure is also important. A broad number of possibilities opens up.

Shipping containers can and will be reshaped, reorganized, and potentially re-connected with other containers in order to create the final product. Considering vision for a new building with the existing structure of a shipping container in mind is an open road to new possibilities. We are getting excited about this new venture too.