A new idea for a versatile prefabricated building was developed in our factory and added to our offer. This building can serve many purposes, from an additional office space in your garden through the guest house, garden room to a relaxation area for those ‘after work’ moments.

A New Design

This new design is a flat-pack building kit, ready to be constructed either by DIY lovers or, if preferred, also by experienced construction workers. Ready-made in a factory and delivered to the site as a flat-pack, this building is a quicker and more efficient way to add practical space when you need it. All the elements of the kit are prenumbered in factory conditions and are listed in the construction manual.

Flat-pack Construction

The flat-pack construction is made of timber frame and SIP panels. Materials needed for the construction are included in the kit. This includes not only the materials to make the walls, roof, windows, and doors but also elements such as screws, sealant, membranes, etc. During the manufacturing processes, the kit is quality controlled, elements are numbered and described in the manual. This enables to speed up each construction phase considerably.

Flat-pack Interior Design options

The finishing of the building is to be arranged by you. This means that the electrical installation, plumbing, and other similar jobs will need to be arranged. This also means that you have the flexibility and complete freedom of working out what you need in the building and can adapt all the visual and practical elements of the space to your liking and to your needs. The freedom in choosing the purpose of the structure and adapting the interior appropriately makes this flat-pack building kit a versatile solution in modern design waiting to meet your needs.

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