Based on photographic examples of harmonious compositions we are showing today, the aim is to focus on the general forms in the images while considering the question; ‘What creates harmony?’

Our buildings are designed to be used however you want them to be used. We already designed modular buildings for a go-karting lodge, laboratory, dog grooming, ice cream café, dry cleaning services, beauty studio and many more. We also designed modular buildings for use as a garage.

When our clients inquire regarding modules connection, our accompanying questions involve building dimensions and the floor plan. Even though clients usually have a general idea in regards to the floor plan as well as building size, the conversation around those subjects often clarifies practicality and costs of those decisions. This determines how the connection of the modules will be performed; across the building width, its lengths, or both. After we initially give advice, decisions on some changes may be done in regards to the building shape and related subjects.