This is an official invite to our office. Come in and look around. Many clients inquire about our office location. This is why we decided to talk about it today. Through google maps, you can look around our office from the comfort of your home. We do, of course, invite you to come along in person, but if you want to look around beforehand, we would like to help out with that.

Continuing with our idea of interior plantscaping as a proposition for New Year's resolution, we would like to highlight the fact of multiple options when it comes to possible designs. For that reason, especially if you would like to use large amounts of plants, or cover vast areas with plants, we strongly advise you to hire experienced interior plantscaper. A planstscaper can advise you on the design of the space, the species of plants to use, including their influence on the microclimate of the building. Important information you need to know is also in regards to care of the plants in use.

In order to improve our lives and ourselves as human beings, we strive towards certain ideals and goals. With the start of New Year, many decide on New Year's resolution. We would like to offer a relatively easy option for a New Year's resolution this year which will benefit yourself and your employees.