In order to improve our lives and ourselves as human beings, we strive towards certain ideals and goals. With the start of New Year, many decide on New Year's resolution. We would like to offer a relatively easy option for a New Year's resolution this year which will benefit yourself and your employees.

Nowadays, more building solutions focus on environmentally friendly resolutions within the building industry. This progress is brought forward because more research towards ecology is being done in the past years. Research which raises concerns. It pushes building industry forward and new alternatives are invented. One of those new alternatives is 3D printing technology. This new technology, currently being developed, may revolutionize building industry in the future.

As discussed before, we believe in the importance of sustaining Christmas values. Importance of family and respect for another human being and more, are all revisited in our thoughts through Christmas. Christmas commercialization raises expectations and as a consequence, anxiety associated with Christmas celebration raises as well. This results in people being driven away from Christmas celebration and also from revisiting values which Christmas stand for.