We would like to share with you, our map of realizations. You can find out all about our previous clients and see what we have been up to till now with one click.

When we discuss with our clients the requirements needed prior modular building construction, we advise on the type of ground preparation needed for the building. During the process of designing our portable cabin, everything is explained and calculated by our architect. There are few types of ground base which can be used, depending on the desired outcome and the type of cabin needed;

- concrete base

- concrete blocks

- jackpads/easypads

- plastic building base (often referred to as summer house base or shed base)

This is an official invite to our office. Come in and look around. Many clients inquire about our office location. This is why we decided to talk about it today. Through google maps, you can look around our office from the comfort of your home. We do, of course, invite you to come along in person, but if you want to look around beforehand, we would like to help out with that.