There is a variety of building types our clients are looking for. It means we need flexibility with our building designs. We offer a wide range of building designs including variations in size, large, medium to small, with the majority of our orders being classed by us as medium-sized buildings. Medium sized buildings are flexible in terms of holding enough equipment inside without being overly large. This makes medium type buildings a most popular choice amongst our clients.

Architects objectives change when various demands affect what is required in the building industry. Clients’ requests, as well as political and economic situation, affect architectural aims. As architectural aims change, solutions also change.

Today we are discussing George Nelson, an architect and designer who has been widely recognized for his furniture designs. He has undertaken a position of a design director at Hermann Miller’s furniture company where he produced many of his signature furniture designs. Other than an architect and a designer, George Nelson was also a teacher, a writer and a curator. He travelled around Europe where he has written some of his articles. While there, he also spoke to many influential people associated with Modernist movement.