In the past we discussed examples of colour schemes for an interior design of an office. Each office type may require personalization, depending on the type of business using it. The design options are vast and finding the right colours may seem challenging at times.

Everyone gets really excited when purchasing new modular building. It is a new adventure, potentially as part of expanding existing business, renewing working environment or opening brand-new business. Not everyone is as excited about dealing with building control during this process though. It is understandable because the subject of building control and regulations may seem intimidating at times. It would be rather more exciting to focus on the visuals of the new modular building than worry about building regulations. The subject of building control and regulations doesn’t need to be as intimidating. This is what we are hoping to convince you of, after reading this article.

An American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is the star of our today's article. His two quotes which we will talk about could be the guide for New Year and new ideas coming.