As per government rules, everyone who can, is working from home now. Many companies and their employees are therefore forced to balance their work lives together with their private lives, or whatever is left of their work and private lives. All within the same four walls. That is what we do as well.

In the last 20 years we have seen shipping containers’ architecture appearing more often around the world. This growth in numbers is particularly noticeable in accommodation solutions. Accommodation made out of shipping containers can be modern and stylish. It is also faster and cheaper to produce in comparison to traditional structures and therefore considered in areas where time, price and/or space could be restricted.

Interior design is one of the subjects we keep coming back to, because it influences portable offices in a positive way, therefore today, we are undertaking the subject of interior design once again. The number of clients attracted by the offer of a particular business raises if the business is a whole package. The clients will also then be more likely to come back. By the whole package, we mean not only the products or services sold by the business, but also the level of customer service, the branding and the overall look and feel of the company. The overall look is defined by all those elements, and this includes interior design too.