In our recent article we have discussed general information on recycling and the RRR approach; the three R’s stand for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We have also touched on common problems discussed in regard to current recycling processes in use. Staying faithful to the idea of three R’s, let us consider recycling in the construction industry – what can be recycled and how.

Discussions on the subject of recycling are heating up with opinions divided greatly among various groups of people. On one hand, we have global anti-waste campaigns stressing the subject of saving our planet and rising questions in regards to climate emergency while discussing the approach of three R’s as a saving tactic. On the other hand, we have those who believe the solutions proposed by the climate emergency campaigns are simply not good enough. 

Floor layout requires important considerations during the designing process. The choices we undertake regarding layout very much affect our experience in the long-term use of the building. This means we should carefully consider what is required of the space. It is important to be realistic and practical about our choices. It is also essential to know of any restrictions which may affect our plans. Building control, as well as local council regulations, may restrict some of our ideas making our choices more difficult. Therefore, the choices we undertake regarding floor layout need to have certain flexibility.