Portable cabin unloading is an exciting time. The building arrives and finally you get to see your new cabin in reality. In order to deliver the job of unloading, we will need to use a crane. There are two types of cranes we prefer using. In the following video, you can see the use of a HiAb crane which is the most often used type of crane by us. 

As discussion continues, we will be looking at lighting solutions of interior design in your portable building. We would like to introduce and discuss types of light recognized within interior design. Ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and aesthetic/or decorative lighting are all types of lighting we will be discussing. The first two are seen as practical while the latter two are aesthetic lighting types.

Both natural and artificial light sources are important in buildings. As we discussed natural light in the past, we focused on the subjects of window positioning and furnishing. In our portable cabins in order to provide as much natural light as possible we supply large windows. Significant source of light remains to be artificial light. We would like to discuss some general information regarding lighting solutions. It will include colour of light as well as types of light used within interior design.