Industrial warehouse

Nowadays, more and more traditional walling system is replaced by a system panel or tent system.

Used in the production of

   - warehouses

   - storage

   - sheds

 Performed by us halls can be equipped with systems:
   - Sliding doors, hinged, sectional
   - The electrical installation
   - Aluminum or UPVC windows
   - Aluminum, steel or UPVC doors
   - Ridge skylights with polycarbonate

Industrial tents

Our halls are made of top quality materials from renowned manufacturers.
Performed by our marquees are finding increasing use in multi-day events,
public events, exhibitions, fairs, etc. They are not permanently attached
to the land and their assembly and disassembly take up to several days. We
also used as storage halls, sports facilities, hangars, industrial

The tent has an aluminum or steel construction. Aluminum construction requires no footing casting, aluminum profile system for quick assembly and disassembly facility.

Construction steel has a high structural strength. Buildings constructed on a steel structure are often used as " Tents year ." The factors for building homes as year-round facilities are wind and snow resistance in

There are frame
- Gable
- Hipped,
- Arch.

The outer part of the structure is covered with a tarpaulin. There are a
possibility occupancy trapezoidal side walls. On the side walls, you can
use the windows and roller shutters or slide . The size of the object is
dependent on the development, needs, and purpose.