Portable food kiosk

We build professional and modern coffee kiosks. If you want to start and run your own business – our portable modular buildings helps you create your brand. We offer any color, any size, and high-quality build. It's a modern design connected with functionality. Coffee kiosks are carefully manufactured to the highest standards – we care about design, practical use and highest quality materials.


Coffee kiosks are perfect in those places, where people have to wait for some time. For example, it is usually profitable to place it near a railway or bus station, because the passengers will be willing to spend their time with a cup of hot coffee or tea rather than to just sit in the waiting room. What is more, they will prove useful in the center of the city, where many people stop by to order something to drink.


As it is a modular building, you can easily move it to another location if there is such need. As a result, you can carefully plan your strategy and freely adjust the coffee kiosk to your business. You can also decorate it freely and equip it with all the necessary kitchen appliances, as well as toilets for your workers and guests. What is more, it is an extremely cheap solution, hence it will not harm your budget excessively.

Information kiosks

It is a valuable place for every tourist, who has never been to a particular city. It can be a warm place, where your employee will provide them with all the necessary information about a given place, even in winter. Moreover, you can sell souvenirs, guidebooks or maps there and earn additional money. As any other modular building, it can be also relocated, in order to make it more accessible for the visitors.

Catering and coffee kiosks

They are ideal to be placed in crowded places, where there will be always someone who gets hungry and stops by to order a burger, hot dog, pizza or any other kind of food. Thanks to such places, people do not have to look for a meal anywhere else, but if it is placed on their way, they will come to eat something fast or even take the ordered fast food away. As there are no difficulties with relocating a modular building, you can move it to a more profitable place, if you like.

Bus station kiosks

This kind of building constitutes a perfect mix of a bust stop and a kiosk that may generate really impressive profits. It is because of the fact that passengers, waiting for their tram or bus, usually buy tickets, some snacks or newspapers. They will be glad to do it without going anyway far, in order to avoid missing the vehicle's arrival. What is more, such construction does not require much money to be created.

  1. How much is a coffee kiosk?

    Our modern coffee kiosks are fully tailored products, hence their prices may differ depending on a particular order. We always want to adapt them to the needs of a particular client, but if you want to browse our standard price list, we can send it to you at request.

  2. What is a portable food kiosk?

    A portable food kiosk is a cabin made from solid, but at the same time light layers. Thanks to that, you can change the location of your business if you predict that it may be more beneficial for you. The whole construction can be dismantled and put together without any mess or heavy noise.

  3. Are all portable food kiosk units made secure?

    Security is of the highest importance for us. We always make sure that all the coffee kiosks or other portable cabins we offer are 100% safe. We derive the materials from trusted suppliers, in order to be certain that the construction will be solid.

  4. Do I need planning permission for a coffee kiosk?

    You can find a brief guide concerning permissions on our website. However, it is an individual matter, depending on the particular qualities of the building, therefore we advise you to consult your local authorities before making the actual decision.

  5. What can be installed inside a portable food kiosk?

    Your portable food kiosk can be enhanced with all the necessary installations, such as electricity, sanitary facilities or kitchen appliances. You can also fill it with furniture for the clients. As a result, it can function in the same way as any other small bar.