A portable cabin which we produce is an innovative and effective solution for every entrepreneur. Mainly because of its mobility, because the lack of foundations makes it easy to move to another location. What is more, such an object can be expanded at any time, without many difficulties. A modular building is multipurpose and it can be used as a shop, office, pub, kiosk or bar, to mention but a few. Apart from all those advantages, such a solution is also much cheaper comparing to more traditional methods. That is why it is getting more and more popular among businessmen.

The modular building technology makes it possible to:

  • shorten the construction process up to 80%, as most of the work is done in the factory
  • produce the modules while some on-site works can be performed at the same time
  • begin the work at the factory before obtaining a building permit
  • delivery to the construction site modules already equipped with all the necessary facilities
  • assemble the object on site efficiently
  • transport a portable office or any other building to another location easily
  • reduce the building size when needed
  • eliminate all the problems connected with coordinating subcontractors, as there is no need for the investor to supervise the work “on site”
  • simplify the processes, independently of weather conditions
  • get the highest level of quality and workmanship
  • eliminate the problem of construction waste
  • cause no noisy and dirty work on the construction site.

Coffee kiosks

We offer you a glazed coffee kiosk which can be easily placed in the most strategical spots. Thanks to huge transparent windows, customers will see all the products while passing by. Read more...

Portable office

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Our garages are perfect shelters for your vehicles. They are firm and solid, as well as mobile, so you can take them with you while moving to another place. Read more...

Industrial warehouse

If you need to store your products in a safe and modern place, we are glad to present our industrial warehouses to you. They can be easily enlarged, modified and connected with one another, as well as preserved and cleaned without any problem.Read more...

Catering units

Our catering units are perfect for opening a bar, restaurant, pub or fast food spot. They can be equipped with necessary sanitary and kitchen appliances. Read more...