Modular office

Every modular office that we provide you with is perfectly adjusted to your individual requirements and expectations. As a result, we can cooperate with a company from any branch. What is more, you can decide if it is supposed to be just a temporary object or a long-term one.

It is worth remembering that thanks to the already mentioned flexibility, our products can be adapted not only to the actual needs but also the constantly changing regulations. Moreover, a modular building may be enhanced with the same equipment as its traditional variant, however, the cost is noticeably much lower.

Another advantage of this technology is that it allows us to carry out every task amazingly fast, without any damage to the marvelous quality. The work is performed in a clean way, avoiding too much mess.

Modular Buildings for the Corporate Sector

KC Cabins Solutions Ltd enables you to create buildings on an open plan (without any columns) which may be modified freely, so as to be ideally adapted to your business aims. We use partition walls to divide the whole space into reception areas, private offices, corridors or conference rooms. You can select any layout you want, even with more than one story. Our modular offices can fit in for as much as a hundred people.

In order to prepare this object for becoming a completely functional workplace, you can order some of the interior options provided by our company. For instance, it can be a suspended ceiling, data cabling, some pieces of furniture or an air-conditioning system. There is also a possibility to improve the outside with roofs, windows, canopies, claddings or fascias, to name but a few.

A modular building, constructed by KC Cabins Solutions Ltd, can prove useful for various kinds of business, as it may function as:

  • Offices and their extensions
  • Storages for excess filing
  • Call centres
  • Marketing or customer reception suites
  • Conference rooms
  • Canteens

Advantages of using modular office buildings

  • No Additional Costs
  • Full Service & Integration
  • Lack of Mess
  • Attractive Look & Design
  • No Additional Costs
  • Prompt Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Marvelous Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Firmness
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Sound and Fire Resistance

There are many arguments why to choose modular offices or other buildings over the traditional ones. Namely, in the business sector, flexibility is really crucial in order to meet all the actual demands of the market. As the objects we prepare are prefabricated, you can extend, diminish or move them without much effort. Any of this process can be accomplished amazingly fast and with almost no waste, as modular buildings are always pre-engineered first.

TOP 10 Reasons Why to Choose Modular Construction over the Conventional One

  Features Advantages Benefits
1 Versatility You can relocate, reuse or enhance the modular components without any difficulty. Your business can be easily adjusted to the rapid changes on the market.
2 No Mess The on-site construction process is minimized thanks to prefabrication, hence there is practically no waste or dust. There is no need to waste your precious time on cleaning the space thoroughly.
3 Easy Coordination We have our own distributor network to provide you with the one-source installation. A client receives a product perfectly adjusted to his or her needs, as well as the local assistance.
4 Consistent Standard & Appearance We integrate the ordered modular buildings with the objects you already have. The overall design is harmonized and eye-catching.
5 Tax Advantages In case of the modular building technology, depreciation is just 7 years, while in the conventional one is as much as 39 years. Return on investment can be achieved faster.
6 Eco-Friendly There is almost no waste, as the whole construction process is carefully planned before and does not require any additional materials. Your company can get more LEED points and, as a result, enhance its Green Building Rating.
7 Low Maintenance There is no need to take thorough care of the wall panels, apart from cleaning them once in a while. Your budget is not burdened with any repairs or painting costs, contrary to the traditional methods of construction.
8 Minimized Design Time We always come with a pre-engineered project. There will be no delays in the construction process.
9 Lowered Construction Labor Costs The installation of the modular building's parts is easy and quick. You do not have to pay much for the assembly.
10 Fast Installation Our products are delivered after pre-engineering, thus the assembly does not take too much time. You can start working and earning money as soon as possible.