Portable office buildings

Our company specializes in selling high-quality portable cabins. They are irreplaceable for making your business easier. You can keep any materials inside or convert them into fully equipped offices, offering the incredible comfort of work. It is also possible to install electricity, as well as any kitchen or sanitary facilities in such a portable office.

The cabins which we produce are made of lightweight composite panels to insulate the floor and such a solution does not require any foundations. Therefore, a portable office can be easily transported and expanded. It is particularly useful if you are planning to develop your business in order to make it perfect. To prevent such a modular building from robbery, we equip it with an extremely solid door made of steel. It makes both ends of a cabin protected and keeps safe all the facilities and materials inside.

As a responsible manufacturer of portable offices, we use only reliable and durable raw materials. Your safety and comfort constitute our priority, so we produce cabins of the high standard only. They are thoroughly tested before being sold, in order to check their quality and strength. Thanks to our products, the administration of your office will be easier and the work will be nicer.

Examples the application of portable cabins:

  • Marketing Suites

    - our products can be successfully used as modern marketing suites. Thanks to huge windows with bright glass, you can expose all the products you are selling and lure potential clients to come inside and see them more closely. Moreover, such portable cabins can be also decorated in accordance with your preferences. More...

  • Security Gatehouse

    - this kind of a modular building will provide the people in a given area with full security. You can install all the essential monitoring equipment there, without any problem, and control every entrance to an important area, preventing burglaries and intrusions. More...

  • Education

    - a portable cabin may be also adapted as an educational center. People can take various courses there and improve their skills or expand their knowledge. It can be adjusted for children, as well, in order to make it a friendly place where learning will be strongly associated with fun. More...

  • Portable office

    - thanks to such marketing suites, you can develop your business more effectively. They will be great as a portable office of your company, which can be moved without any difficulties if there is such need. It can be enhanced with all the necessary appliances, for example, toilets and kitchens. More...

  • Events

    - as our buildings are modular, they will prove extremely useful for sports games, concerts, dance shows or other kinds of events. You can use them to sell tickets or souvenirs and when the event finishes, you can take the construction away and use it again in a different place. More...

  1. Are all portable office cabin made secure?

    Certainly yes! Security is one of the main factor we take into consideration while creating our portable office cabins. All the materials we use come from reliable suppliers and when combined with the most innovative technologies, they make it possible for us to achieve outstanding effects.

  2. How much is a portable office buildings?

    We are not able to tell you the exact prices of our portable office buildings until we know all the qualities that you need them to have. It is because our offer is fully personalised and we prepare every project in accordance with the wishes of a particular client.

  3. Do I need planning permission for a portable office cabin?

    It may depend on the characteristics of a given portable office cabin. Therefore, it is best to contact your local authorities and ask them to advise you in that particular case. Nonetheless, we have prepared a brief planning permission guide on our website for your to read.

  4. What are the portable office buildings?

    Portable office buildings are constructed from innovative panels that combine light weight and durability. As a result, they can be transported from one place to another without much trouble and they constitute a great solution for companies and organisations that need to work at various locations.

  5. Can I have a toilet and a kitchen inside a portable office?

    Sure! Our modern portable offices can be improved with all the most necessary facilities, hence your employees will have a good place to work in. What is more, you can perfectly adapt the size and design of this building to your own preferences.